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The Car Park Ventilation controller enables control of car park fans (exhaust/supply/jet fans) via Modbus control signals. Multiple zones can be set up using expansion modules, for managing and monitoring car park fans and sensors.

The controller operates the car park ventilation system in accordance with AS 1668.2:2012 by checking carbon monoxide levels and regulating the ventilation system. Expansion modules can be added to the system for individual zone control and mechanical service switch board control (Auto/Off/On). The controller can also be integrated into the building fire system and will operate in accordance with AS 1668.1:2015.


• Pre-CFD model selection for estimating, design and tendering
• CFD modelling meets AS1668.2 compliance
• EC external rotor for higher efficiency and low noise
• 100% speed controllable via 0-10V
• Integrated motor protection

Technical Specifications

Fan Case Galvanised sheet metal
Finish Powder coated dark grey
Voltage 400V AC 50Hz 3 Phase
Input Power 1.45 kW
Current 2.5 A
Thrust 50 N
Max. Flow 1600 l/s
Outlet Velocity 26 m/s
Sound Pressure Level (SPL) at 3m 57 dB(A)

Carbon Monoxide Detector/ controller


• Design for real-time detection air carbon monoxide.

• High accuracy humidity and temperature detection optional

• LCD display carbon monoxide and optional temperature & RH measurement.

• Smart buttons for easy operation

• Excellent electrochemical CO sensor with up to 5 years lift time

• Replaceable CO sensor

• Provide 1X analog linear output (0~10V DC/4~20mA selectable)

for the measurement

• Providing up to two dry contact outputs with presetting the setpoint

• Modbus RS485 communication interface optional

• Provide two easy methods for calibration and setup alarm points by end users:

infrared remote controller or a software via RS485

• 24V AC/DC power supply

• CE-Approval

Typical Application

• In office and residential areas to detect CO level
• In underground parking lots and garages
• In BAS to detect the CO and the data transmittance
• For greenhouse and plant bin
• For ventilation control system

Technical Specifications

Gas Sensor Electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor
Sensor Lifetime Up to 5 years, replaceable
Warm Up Time 1 hour (first time)
Response Time Within 60 seconds
Signal Update 1 second
CO Measuring Range 0~500ppm (default) / 0~1 00ppm / 0~1 000ppm selectable
Accuracy <1 ppm +5% reading
Stability ±5% (over 900 days)