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Electric Duct Heater (VCE)

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Electric heaters have TSEK certification, CE marked and GOST-R certification. 

Technical specifications meet the requirements of directives EMC 89/336/EEC and are tested according to the standards EN 55014-1, EN61000-3-2/3-3 for EMC.

Electrical heaters are produced in single phase or three phase upon request in standard spiral duct dimensions. The heaters have two overheating protections. 

Electrical heaters are used with heat recovery units frequently. The electrical heaters can be used for two different purposes. 


  • It can be used when the outdoor temperature is low as a preheater to prevent freezing inside the heat exchanger. 
  • It can be used as post heater to bring the fresh air temperature to the comfort conditions. 


Alaskon Heat Recovery EC Units

Simx ModelVCE 04VCE 09VCE 11VCE 16VCE 29VCE 29 EC-HVCE 36VCE 51VCE 51 EC-H
Capacity1 (0,5+0,5) kW3(1,5+1,5) kW3(1,5+1,5)kW4(2+2)kW7(3,5+3,5)kW7(3,5+3,5)kW10(5+5) kW12(6+6) kW12(6+6) kW
Electrical Data230 V/ 1~400 V / 3~

Alaskon Standard Heat Recovery Units

Simx ModelVHR 04 pVHR 07 PVHR 09 PVHR 11 PVHR 16 PVHR 20 PVHR 29VHR 36VHR 51
Electrical Data2 230V/ 1~3 230V/ 1~4 400V/ 3~5 400V / 3~7 400V / 3~10 400V/ 3~12 400V/ 3~

Heat Recovery Units

Standard Heat Recovery Units

VHR15- Pic

Heat Recovery EC Units

Alaskon - Heat Recovery