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Alaskon Standard Heat Recovery Units

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Designed for both energy saving and improving indoor air quality. Using aluminium air-to-air plate type heat exchangers,
they are able to work with a range of residential, commercial and industrial air-conditioning applications. Heat exchangers
with high conductivity, crossfl ow or counterfl ow construction enable effi ciencies of up to 85% when transferring heat from
warm to cold air streams.


Alaskon VHR Heat Recovery Units come with in-built filtration.
Alaskon VHR Heat Recovery Units have fully insulated cabinets giving excellent sound and thermal insulation properties.
Alaskon VHR Heat Recovery Units come standard with electronic controllers that have:
• Both On/Off and automatic functions.
• 5 different speeds for each fan (supply and exhaust).
• Manual or automatic control for optionally installed electric heaters.
• BMS capability (relevant Gateway required).

Standard Heat Recovery Controller


Simx ModelAir Flow 0 PA*Air flow 150 PA*Heat Recovery EfficiencyVoltageMotor PowerMaximum current
VHR 04 P11060Up to 70%230 Volt / 50 HZ1200.50
VHR 07 P170120Up to 70%230 Volt / 50 Hz1700.80
VHR 09 P235175Up to 70%230 Volt / 50 Hz2701.20
VHR 11 P300235Up to 70%230 Volt / 50 Hz3101.40
VHR 16 P410350Up to 70%230 Volt / 50 Hz4502.05
VHR 20 P550490Up to 70%230 Volt / 50 Hz10004.5
VHR 29700595Up to 70%230 Volt / 50 Hz110011.0
VHR 36880750Up to 70%230 Volt / 50 Hz110011.0
VHR 511000780up to 70%230 Volt / 50 Hz147212.0

Synthetic filter for fresh and exhaust air 

* External static pressure


Electrical Heater (VCE)

Electrical Heater (VCE)