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Duct Type Water Coil

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Water Coil (HWC- CWC)

Alaskon duct water coils are produced as hot water coil (HWC) or cold water coil (CWC) at standard capacities. High efficient heat transfer can be achieved with high performance heat exchangers. The design provides fast and easy installation and maintenance.


Hot Water CoilHWC 04HWC 09HWC 11HWC 16HWC 29HWC 29 EC-HHWC 36HWC 51HWC 51 EC-H
Heating Capacity kW2.
Pressure Drop Pa92022222525252525
Cold Water CoilCWC 04cWC 09cWC 11cWC 16cWC 29cWC 29 EC-HcWC 36cWC 51cWC 51 EC-H
Heating Capacity kW1.
Pressure Drop Pa233640404545454444


Electric Duct Heater (VCE)

Electrical Heater (VCE)

By-Pass Connection Kit (BCK)

By-Pass Connection Kit (BCK)